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PACO, Experts in all Areas of Surface Engineering And Tribology

Multiple Award Winners Including:

Asian Award of Excellence 2009

PACO: This Multi award winning company is the first private company in Surface Engineering and Tribology. It was founded by the Chair of Surface Engineering of Iran: Dr. Mehdi Salehi over 15 years ago. Today it still remains the largest of its kind in Iran.



Thermal spray coating allows coatings of high performance materials such as tungsten carbides, alloys, ceramics, chrome carbides etc. to be applied to more economical and relatively easy-to-work base materials.  The various coating processes can offer tremendous improvements in component performance such as wear, heat, oxidisation and corrosion resistance.


Thermal spray coating is often used in the reclamation of damaged or worn components, offering a cost effective alternative to buying new replacement parts.  This is also a viable alternative for discontinued components that are no longer available for purchase or to reduce down time on items, which would otherwise have long lead times to remanufacture.

The First Gas Combustion Chamber to be reconditioned in Iran, by PACO


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